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Want to take lessons on drums, bass, or guitar?


Want to impress your friends at parties? Want to write heartfelt and moody songs about how no one understands you? Want to serenade the person you care for on a cold wintery night?

I’m now giving lessons on drums, bass, and guitar! Choose your instrument, or choose any combo of the three!

The link is to my account, there you can get my rates and set up a time. We can learn about music, tell jokes, and talk about how we like pizza.

Mainly the learning about music though… Also the pizza.

Progressive Rock | Bent Knee - Being Human



There isn’t a whole lot of information floating around the internet about Bent Knee or their upcoming album Shiny Eyed Babies, but after streaming a few tracks it’s hard to imagine they’ll remain as elusive and unheralded much longer. Their eccentricity…

A very kind review for a new track from the other band I’m in, Bent Knee.

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