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Kesha - Timber (2014 Solo Version | Woo Hoo)

i know there have been other attempts to de-Pitbull-ify this song, considering how she got screwed over with only 5% of the profits and her parts comprise more than half the song (which she and her mom wrote!)

still i really wanted to give it a go. i used her unreleased song Woo Hoo for the verses and i think it fits really well so enjoy :)

please like the video on youtube!

mp3 | cover art | #FreeKesha 

And what percentage is she getting of this?



Grýla was not directly linked to Christmas until the 17th century. By that time she had become the mother of the Yule Lads.

She has the ability to detect children who are misbehaving year-round. During Christmas time, she comes from the mountains to search nearby towns for her meal. She leaves her cave and hunts for the children. She devours children as her favorite snack. Her favorite dish is a stew of naughty kids and she had an insatiable appetite. According to legends, there was never a shortage of food for Gryla.

According to folklore Grýla has been married three times. Her third husband Leppalúði is said to be living with her in their cave in the Dimmuborgir lava fields, with the big black Yule Cat and their sons. As Christmas approaches, Grýla sets off looking for naughty boys and girls. The Grýla legend has appeared in many stories, poems, songs and plays in Iceland.

She looks like she just realized she left her door unlocked back home.

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